Greater security for your Sharonview debit card

Turn off your card when not using it
Declines transactions outside of your settings
Helps you identify potential fraud
Get immediate alerts when your card is used
CardNav from CO-OP gives you more control over your debit card security by allowing you to set parameters on how your card can be used. You can even lock and unlock your card with a single touch. All you need to do is download the free app.

There's a host of controls you can activate on your Sharonview debit card to help fight fraud.

  • By transaction types: Enable or disable specific types of transactions such as in-store, online, ATM, mail/phone order, and more.
  • Merchant categories: Enable or disable specific categories of merchants including groceries, department stores, gas stations, entertainment, travel, restaurants, and more.
  • By location: Choose to either allow transactions that only happen around you or specify a region on a map.
  • By transaction amount: Set a transaction amount threshold and transactions over that amount will be declined.

You also can set up real-time alerts to track specific transactions and activities based on your controls. If you want more information about CardNav, read our FAQs or check out this video:

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