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Member Experiences

QuotationMarks Every time I go into my branch in Wilmington the ladies are always nice. They know me by name. Love Sharonview!"

Robert, member since 2013

QuotationMarks I'm thankful for the tellers at my local SFCU! They all know me by name and greet me with a smile every time I go in. They also give me a sucker for my son whether he is with me or not. Great team!"

Kristin, member since 2003

QuotationMarks I am thankful for Sharonview! You helped me to refinance this year and remodel and old beat up kitchen that looks amazing now! If not for Sharonview this would not have happened so I am very thankful!"

Michelle, member since 2011

QuotationMarks We were looking to refinance our home to save money and pay it off sooner (to take advantage of the low rates). While our home had lost value, they didn’t give up on trying to help us. They did some research and found the perfect loan we could qualify for, and we’ll save $80,000 over the life of the loan – and it will be paid off 7 years sooner (before I retire)! Thank you Sharonview!"

Wallie, member since 2004

QuotationMarks You patiently answered my millions of questions, and I compared your replies about costs to the other mortgage lenders I reviewed – and both your rate and fees were best of all the others. So, it was a complete win for me and my husband financially – and we were pleased with the entire process."

Mary, member since 2013

QuotationMarks Not having bought a new car for 10 years, I was very nervous about the whole process. You walked me through the process in such a way as to make me truly feel I had someone on MY side. You endured countless phone calls and provided help and genuine caring. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate ALL you did for me and continue to do for me."

Lisa, member since 2012

QuotationMarks Sharonview helped me refinance my mortgage, and over the life of the loan, I was saving a whopping $14,000.00! Needless to say, I will be telling all of my co-workers how wonderful my experience with Sharonview was. Thank you!"

Mary, member since 2011

QuotationMarks I had my car financed through a finance company but I was trying to get it financed through Sharonview. They would not send me the payoff of the loans. Sharonview worked every day trying & calling to get a payoff for me. Thanks to them I finally got financed through the credit union. They went through a hassle to get things straight for me."

Cindy, member since 1993

QuotationMarks Better than any other financial institution I have experience with; Sharonview understands customer service. About 3-4 years ago, I received “updated terms” in fine print on a bank credit card that I was using for most of my transactions. Buried in fine print was notice that foreign currency transactions would include a 5% surcharge. I could not find the equivalent rate for my SV card. After emailing my question I had the answer the next day…1%. I canceled the bank card and the SV card now gets 90% of my transactions.”

Marty, member since 1987

QuotationMarks I had my check book stolen from my purse at the grocery store. I immediately realized what had happened at check out. The police were called and a report made and I called SFCU to report the theft. I knew the exact series of new checks I had put in my check book that morning. I repeated this to the SFCU employee, and I gave her all the numbers. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the wonderful help she provided to me. Her attitude, knowledge, and willingness to help is something I will never forget. Even though approximately $2,500 in checks were forged on my account, I never lost 1 cent! In my opinion she will always be the epitome of a wonderful asset to SFCU. Thank you for being the kind of institution you don’t often find in today’s atmosphere.”

Joyce, member since 2010

QuotationMarks They have been so helpful in all that we have done at Sharonview. We were with a large bank for 15 years and NEVER had this kind of customer service!! They don’t hesitate to answer all questions and are happy to do so! They have been a real pleasure to work with! Thank you!!”

Dale , member since 2012

QuotationMarks I was having problems with my bank and was referred to Sharonview. I have dealt with several large banks, and let me tell you SFCU has the best products and rates compared to all of these banks. I would recommend your bank over any other that I know!!! The difference is the staff talks to me not at me, great financial advice, GREAT BANK!!!”

Norman, member since 2011

QuotationMarks After numerous hassles and problems with big banks it is nice to come over to SFCU. The personnel and staff know me by name, are knowledgeable and respectful – they appreciate me and my business. I am done with big banks! Plus the deals are better at SFCU.”

Walter, member since 2007

QuotationMarks We have dealt with two large local banks for 25 years. The service we received at Sharonview was above and beyond. They helped us with refinancing our car from one of them. The customer service was excellent, and they made the transition very easy and convenient for us. We were so impressed with their service we had our other loans refinanced with your company. All the staff at the branch goes above and beyond. They always greet you with a smile. You feel welcomed when you enter this branch.”

Angela & Larenzo, members since 2006

QuotationMarks I recently closed all of my accounts at another bank and moved all funds to my Sharonview account. This was due to being treated very poorly by Customer Service and other departments over a dispute I had. I know this is something I would never experience with Sharonview. We have our two car loans and home equity line of credit (also got a mortgage) with Sharonview because we trust your organization. I am hoping to soon open a college fund for my 2 ½ year old, so I expect to be a member for a long time.”

Holly, member since 2010

QuotationMarks I have really been impressed with Sharonview over the years. I have had NO problems with my accounts and anytime I have a question there is always someone who can answer. I really appreciate the way you guys do business – Thank you! Finally a good bank!”

Dave, member since 2008

QuotationMarks Sharonview has always handled the financial needs of my entire family. I've banked with Sharonview for 20 years. Each of my children got their first savings accounts here and when it was time to purchase a car for my daughter, Sharonview helped me with a loan! Though they've grown over the years, their bank professionals never fail to greet me like family. They ask how I'm doing and even about my children and make every visit pleasant. I couldn't imagine banking anywhere else!”

Kimberley, member since 1992

QuotationMarks I have searched several financial institutions and found Sharonview to have the best loan rates. They were very helpful in assisting me with my car purchase and saving me money. They’re outstanding!”

Michael, member since 2006

QuotationMarks Sharonview helped me secure a loan for another home. They saved me thousands with their competitive rates and went out of their way to earn my trust and business. They did a great job that I will always appreciate.”

Shawn, member since 2004

QuotationMarks I had just left my bank of 12 years. The transition to Sharonview was very smooth and I was able to do line of credit and find out about other banking services without every stepping into the actual bank! What I couldn't get done in 12 years at the previous bank, (your staff) did in 72 hours. Change is good. Thank you!

Angela, member since 2010


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