Answering Your Questions About Auto Loans with Sharonview

When you're ready to buy a used car, truck or SUV, turn to us for a credit union car loan that fits your plans. We help members throughout South Carolina, North Carolina and beyond with auto loan rates that save them lots of money.


Click on our car buying service page and select the make of vehicle you are interested in purchasing. Once you select a make of vehicle, you will have additional options to modify your search and view a dealer’s inventory. Most dealers in the service offer Sharonview financing. Just give them a quick call to verify they are a participating dealer.
Since your loan is already approved, you can be confident that you’re receiving the same rates and terms on your vehicle as you would if you financed your vehicle directly with Sharonview, and you’ll experience a faster and more efficient car buying experience, allowing you to get behind the wheel of your new ride quickly! Most dealers in the service offer Sharonview financing. Just give them a quick call to verify they are a participating dealer.
Most dealers in the network are participating dealers. Just give them a quick call to verify they accept Sharonview pre-approvals. All they need to do is enter your name and social security number to easily locate your pre-approval. Note: the dealer cannot access your pre-approval without your consent and social security number. If you do not want to provide that over the phone, you can provide that when you arrive at the dealership.
You will need to work directly with one of our Retail Branches or Member Experience Center, and provide them with paperwork received from the dealer, such as the Bill of Sale.
Yes, you can use your pre-approval to refinance a vehicle financed with another financial institution. Our staff will work with you to ensure that the refinance transaction makes sense given your financial goals.
To determine your eligibility for a vehicle loan, please apply online, contact us by phone at 800.462.4421 (weekdays 8:00 am – 5:00 pm), or visit one of our many Retail Branches throughout North or South Carolina.

Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI)

We may need an updated policy reflecting new vehicle information and Sharonview as the lienholder. This may not have been provided initially and will need to be updated within 30 days. If proof of insurance is not provided, Collateral Protection Insurance may be charged to the member's loan balance.
Collateral Protection Insurance is insurance that may be acquired by Sharonview to protect our interest in the collateral (the vehicle) for your loan when proof of sufficient coverage has not been provided within 30 days of your loan date or you fail to maintain sufficient insurance coverage. The total cost of CPI will be added to the loan balance. A refund of the CPI charge will be provided if evidence of sufficient coverage is provided as set for in the loan agreement. Proof of coverage may be satisfied with the declarations page from your insurance provider.
Collateral Protection Insurance will only cover Sharonview’s interest in the collateral. It is highly encouraged that you obtain sufficient insurance coverage to satisfy mandatory liability or financial responsibility requirements under state law and protect your interest or personal property in the collateral.
It is highly encouraged you present adequate coverage at the time of purchase, but we will accept a current insurance card temporarily. The insurance card must show:
• Policy number
• Effective Dates
• Insurer

Within 30 days, you must present the following:
• Full coverage with comprehensive and collision protection
• Deductibles not exceeding $1,000
• Sharonview listed as lienholder
• Verified VIN listed
• Current coverage dates

A declarations page from your vehicle insurance provider should satisfy these requirements.

In addition, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) requires proof of insurance prior to issuing the title. Insurance laws are strictly enforced and insurance companies are required to notify the DMV if liability insurance on a vehicle is canceled or coverage has lapsed for any reason.
An insurance declarations page explains your policy, including who is covered and which types of coverage you pay for.
Unless there is a change to your policy coverage, your insurance carrier, or there is a lapse in coverage, you should only have to provide evidence of coverage once.


Sharonview has a calculator that can help you determine what your monthly payment will be based on your interest rate, loan amount and number of months required to repay your loan.
Yes, Sharonview has vehicle financing options available for many members across the credit spectrum. Keep in mind that members who have lower credit scores may pay higher interest rates on loans than members with higher credit scores.
A Preferred dealer is able to offer you Sharonview financing at the dealership at the same competitive rates and terms you would receive if you financed your vehicle at a Sharonview branch. PLUS dealers provide this benefit as well as the ability to lock in a vehicle’s price up front so you can be confident you’re getting the car and price advertised. Once you lock in the price, simply print the Member Purchase Certificate and bring it to the dealer. You will also receive the Certificate via email. With PLUS dealers you also have the ability to search DealerRater reviews and ratings from car buyers in your area. All this adds up to helping you experience a stress-free car shopping process from pre-approved funding to getting the keys in your hand.


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