Protect yourself from unexpected, high-cost repairs

Various plans available
Low deductibles
Nationwide protection
Want to extend your manufacturer's warranty for protecting mechanical breakdown issues? As your full-service credit union, we offer two vehicle mechanical breakdown protection options that deliver peace of mind as you travel throughout North Carolina, South Carolina and well beyond. Plus, coverage can transfer and increase your vehicle's resale value.

Mechanical Breakdown Protection. What is it?

  • Pays for repairs caused by unexpected mechanical or electrical failures of covered parts
  • Offers protection during and beyond your manufacturer's factory warranty
  • Offers multiple levels of coverage

Why is it Important?

  • Shields you from unexpected repair costs
  • Protection from rising parts/labor expenses for covered repairs
  • Adds value by ensuring your vehicle in good working order

AssureGuard by Revolos Offers You:

  • Day One Coverage - No waiting period
  • Multiple Deductible Options
  • Up to 8 years & 125,000 mile terms *
  • Consequential damage coverage
  • Wear & Tear coverage
  • Seals & Gaskets coverage
  • Hybrid vehicle coverage
  • Key Guard Coverage (with Ultimate Guard Coverage)
  • Tire and Wheel with cosmetic coverage (with Ultimate Guard Coverage)
  • Transferrable
  • 60-Day free look period
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Read more in our FAQs

Additional Member Value Advantage Benefits

Included in all 3 levels of coverage

  • Rental car
  • Travel expense reimbursement
  • Paintless dent repair *
  • Emergency roadside service
  • Windshield protection *
  • VIP Anniversary pack (Battery, Gas, Carwash and Oil Change)

Optional Coverage **

  • Business/Commercial vehicle use coverage
  • HEV/EV battery pack


Mechanical Breakdown Protection, also sometimes known as a Vehicle Service Contract or Extended Warranty, is automobile protection both during and that extends beyond the manufacturer’s factory warranty and covers repairs of unexpected mechanical breakdowns.

For the period of time the contract is in effect, you are assured that covered components of your vehicle will be repaired in the event of failure, including labor, subject to any applicable deductibles.

A mechanical breakdown protection plan buys you “Peace of Mind” for “Pennies a Day.” An MBP plan will help insure that your vehicle is kept in the best repair condition and it can save you thousands in the event of mechanical failure during the term of your coverage. Vehicles are becoming increasingly complex. Consequently, a single major repair typically can cost more than the cost of mechanical breakdown coverage.
All vehicle service contracts come with a 60 day free look period. There is a 100% refund if cancelled during this time if no claims have been paid. After 60 days, cancellations are pro rated.
Any licensed repair facility. For major engine or transmission concerns we recommend the vehicle’s dealership or Aamco transmissions.

Plans are available based on the year and mileage of your vehicle.

You can purchase coverage on any age or milage vehicles (not all makes and models are eligible for coverage).

The Ultimate Guard level of coverage does cover tires, but normal maintenance is the members responsibility. (Example: Manufacturer Maintenance guidelines in the owner’s manual)
No, exhaust manifolds and mufflers are not covered, and are part of maintenance items; however, intake manifolds are covered.
When the part has ceased to perform the function for which it was intended.
The repair facility determines the repair and obtains a pre-authorization number. Once the repair is completed, the charges are billed to our provider's corporate credit card.
The coverage provider pays the repair facility with a corporate credit card and the repair facility is paid at retail repair facility listed rates. You are responsible for any deductible and non-covered repairs.
Our provider's claims department will work with the repair facility to resolve any issues to eliminate any need, concern, stress, or frustration for members.
Our Mechanical Breakdown Protection has nation-wide protection for your vehicle whether you are in-state or traveling out-of-state.
Our provider will reimburse you for any travel expense (food & lodging) up to $375 and car rental up to 5 days/$250.
Yes, call the claims and member services phone number on your MBP card for rental car assistance.
All plans come with 24/7 emergency roadside service, including: Towing, Flat Tire Assistance, Fluid Delivery, Battery Jump Start & Lockout Service.

There are two options available to you:

  1. If you trade the car in you can call us and receive a pro-rated refund for the unused portion of the remaining months/years. For example: you trade the car in during the second year (23rd month) of a four year plan, your refund will be pro-rated based on the approx. 25 months of the remaining months.
  2. If you sell the vehicle to an individual, the MBP can be transferred to the person who is purchasing the car for a small fee of $50.00.
The answer is yes, we have coverage 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

AssureGuard has several benefits that can be used while the vehicle is still under manufacturer warranty. Example: Rental Car, Emergency Roadside assistance, Key Guard, Paintless dent repair, Windshield repair, Tire and Wheel with cosmetic coverage.

Additionally, the pricing of our MBP is based on mileage, age and other factors. The earlier you purchase the coverage, the less it will cost.

There is no waiting period and coverage is effective the day you purchase the plan.
No, repairs can be performed at any licensed repair facility of your choice in the United States and Canada.
Claims are paid by our provider via a corporate credit card directly to the repair facility within 2 hours after they have received the final invoice.

Follow these instructions:

  • Take your vehicle to a licensed repair facility in the United States.
  • Give the service manager your ID card with all the plan information.
  • The service manager will determine the necessary repairs and call our provider's claims administrator to obtain authorization for repairs.
You can either submit a Cancel Request Form and receive a pro-rated refund or you can transfer it to the new owner for a $50 fee. Including your warranty when you sell your vehicle make it more valuable.

* Limited to 5 repairs per contract
** Surcharge required

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