Quick, local service for wire transfers

Domestic wire transfers
Send or receive funds using your Sharonview account
Need to send or receive a wire transfer? Our conveniently located credit union branches in North Carolina and South Carolina make it easy for you. Visit us Monday through Friday from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm, EST. at one of our branches to initiate a wire. Wire transfers to and from Sharonview accounts must be handled in one of our branches to enable safety for both the sender and the receiver.

If you have questions about initiating or receiving a wire, you can Contact Us.

Incoming Wires

The Federal Reserve requires the following information:

  • Institution Name and Address:
        Sharonview Federal Credit Union
        1955 Sharonview Way
        Fort mill, SC 29707
  • Institution Routing Number: ABA # 253075303
  • Member Information (for crediting the funds)
    • Member Name
    • Member's Physical Address (on file with Sharonview)
    • Designate the account where the funds should be wired. Choose ONE of the following:
      • Savings - You MUST provide your Member Number
      • Checking - You MUST provide the account MICR number

Wire Fee Details

  • $20 fee for all outgoing domestic wires
  • $10 fee for all incoming domestic wires
  • No International wires are offered at this time




Safety First

Wire transfers can be risky and should only be requested under certain clear and safe circumstances. Beware of any person you don't know personally, asking you to wire money.  Wire transfers are necessary for sending a large amount of funds, such as the downpayment on a home loan. Personal wire transfers are an acceptable way to quickly get money to someone you know, however, you may find other options that have lower or no fees. In order to ensure the safety of our members, we do require the member to show up at one of our branches to send or receive a wire transfer.




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