Stronger growth for your savings

Open with a minimum $500
Terms from 12 to 60 months
Tiered rates provide more growth opportunity
Maximize your savings over the full term
Do you have extra money you can keep on deposit for several months or years? You'll get a stronger, guaranteed rate of return when you open a Share Certificate.
Set up your Share Certificate as either a regular or IRA option, depending on your goals. If you're able to put away even more money, you can benefit from opening several Share Certificates that mature at different times, a strategy known as laddering. This way, you always have money available if you need it. When your Share Certificate matures, you choose to withdraw your money or keep it deposited for another full term.

You may know this type of account as a CD or Certificate of Deposit, as that is how banks refer to these accounts. As a credit union, however, we refer to these accounts as Share Certificates, because as a member-owner of Sharonview you are also a Shareholder in Sharonview. You technically earn dividends off of these share accounts, and not interest, like you would on a depository account at another institution.
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