Put the brakes on that check

Stop a check from being cashed
$32 per check or series of checks
Takes effect within 24 hours

When you need to keep a check from posting against your account for any reason, we'll respond quickly. Just let us know there's a concern. Review the information below on what you need to know about Stop Payments.

Common reasons to place a Stop Payment Request

  • Stolen single check or checkbook. This would give access to your checking account number and routing number. Placing a stop payment on the outstanding checks and getting a new checking account would be the best way to reduce the risk of 
  • Missing check. If you mailed or delivered a check to a company or individual, and they cannot locate the check. You may have already sent another payment. Place a stop payment to prevent someone finding and cashing the check.
  • Duplicate payment sent by accident. If you realize you sent more than one payment, you will need to cancel one to make sure your account is not drafted twice.
  • Disputing a payment. If, for some reason, you need to stop a payment due to a service/product dispute.

How Stop Payments Work

  • A request may be made for a check payment that has not yet cleared
  • Stop payment requests become active within 24 hours of entering our system
  • The stop payment is active for six months

When you're ready to stop payment on a check, make sure you have this information:

  • Check number
  • Dollar amount of each affected check
  • Payee's name
  • Date of each check written

Activate a stop payment by using one of the following three methods:

  1. Visit Online Banking and use the secure form
  2. Contact Us by phone or email
  3. Visit one of our branches
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