A Visa Debit Card and a Checking Account Go Hand-in-Hand

Faster and safer than writing checks
Get immediate access to your money
Use anywhere Visa® is accepted
Earn rewards points on your purchases

A Visa Debit Card is the perfect companion to a Sharonview Checking Account. You get a free Visa debit card when you open your checking account. You earn Sharonview Rewards each time you use it for purchases, and it's the most efficient way to pay. With the EMV chip included in the card, it’s also the most secure way to pay at the store.

Visa Debit Card

There's nothing more convenient than our Visa® Debit Card, and it's much safer and easier than carrying large amounts of cash or writing out checks. Purchases are deducted automatically from your Sharonview Checking account. There's plenty of flexibility.

When you need access to cash, you have free access (no surcharge fee) to all Sharonview ATMs and more than 30,000 ATMs in the CO-OP Network. And to add more security to your Visa® Debit Card, using the CardNav mobile app from CO-OP, you can receive purchase alerts and even turn off / turn on your debit card if you need to limit use or in case you misplaced it.

If you already have a Sharonview Checking account and do not yet have a Debit Card, adding a Debit Card is easy. Just give us a call, visit your nearest branch or log in to Online Banking and send us a secure message.


Sharonview Visa Debit Card Features

  • Earn Sharonview Rewards points with every purchase
  • Get cash at more 30,000 ATMs, nationwide or through debit card purchases at most stores
  • EMV chip protection for safer store transactions
  • Turn the card on/off with card controls in the CardNav app
  • Covered against unauthorized transactions


Using your Sharonview Debit Card is even easier with Apple Pay®

  • Your Sharonview card information is never shared with the merchant
  • Pay in-store at the card reader, using your iPhone® and Touch ID®
  • Pay online or in-app at checkout using Touch ID

Learn More about Apple Pay

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