Financial backup when you need it

Keeps you from overdrawing on your account
Funds come from savings or line of credit
Provides peace of mind
Avoid costly fees
Mistakes can happen to anyone. Sometimes you lose track of how much money is in your Sharonview checking account and you overdraw at a store or restaurant. Avoid the embarrassment and costly fees of a declined payment by setting up our Overdraft Transfer service.

Your Overdraft Transfer1 options include two ways of backing up your checking account.

  • Savings: Automatically links your primary Sharonview savings account2 to your checking account and transfers necessary funds in multiples of $100, up to your available savings balance.
  • Line of Credit: Upon approval, this coverage automatically links your a Sharonview line of credit to your checking account and advances necessary funds in multiples of $100, up to your available credit limit. Please note, interest on the line of credit begins to accrue from the date of advance.

Contact us to set up the Overdraft Transfer option that works best for you.


1Overdraft Transfer fee may apply. See Fee Schedule.

2By federal regulation, electronic transfers from savings are limited to six per month.

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