Avoid embarrassing and costly fees with Overdraft Transfer

Protects against overdrawing your account
Draft from savings or line of credit
Provides peace of mind
Avoid costly overdraft fees
Financial backup can be there when you need it with our Overdraft Transfer Service. Mistakes can happen to anyone. Sometimes you may lose track of how much money is in your Sharonview checking account, and you might overdraw at a store or restaurant. If you do not have overdraft transfer set up on your account, you might end up in an embarrassing situation when trying to make your purchase or pay a fee to cover the purchase.

We're here to help you on top of your finances. We provide tools to help you track your finances, and we can help you review your options in setting up an overdraft transfer account.

Types of Overdraft Transfer

Your Overdraft Transfer1 options include 2 ways of backing up your checking account.

  • Link to Savings:

    Links your primary Sharonview savings account to your checking account and automatically transfer necessary funds up to your available savings balance.
  • Link to a Line of Credit:

    Upon approval, this coverage would link your Sharonview line of credit to your checking account and advances necessary funds up to your available credit limit. Please note, interest on the line of credit begins to accrue from the date of advance.

How Overdraft Transfer Works

  • When an account is linked to your Checking Account as an Overdraft Transfer account, it can cover you in case the purchase, a bill payment, electronic draft or a written check would otherwise take your account into a negative balance.
  • Money can automatically transfer up to the limit of the overdraft account, into your checking to cover the funds which you would be short.
  • If your overdraft account is a Savings account, then you can move funds back over to that account any time you wish to build up your overdraft account.
  • If your overdraft account is a Line of Credit, then interest will begin to accrue immediately on the funds borrowed to cover your Checking Account. You can pay back the funds at any time with an easy online or mobile banking transfer. If the line of credit is still showing a balance when the loan cycles, then you will receive a loan statement with the payment amount.


Contact us  to talk through your options and set up the Overdraft Transfer option that works best for you.


1Overdraft Transfer fee may apply. See Fee Schedule.

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