Order checks online with a few clicks

Have you come to that "time to reorder" slip in your checkbook? Don't worry, it's easy to reorder checks online through Deluxe.

You can reorder checks online if:

  • You've ordered through Deluxe before and you have the next consecutive starting number for your checks
  • You have no imprint changes, meaning all data will stay the same.
    • (such as address change, name change, or any other details that would be printed on the checks)

Here's what you need to reorder:

  • Sharonview Routing #: 253075303
  • Your Checking account number. You can find it in one of the following ways:
    • Your Deluxe check reorder form or a sample of your checks
    • Alternatively, you can get your checking account number from within Online Banking under Account Info and then it's the number labeled MICR
  • Your email address

Find Your Information on a Check or Reorder Form

Notice the locations of the Routing and Account numbers.
Image of front of sample check

If you have any questions, Contact Us by phone or email, weekdays from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, EST.


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