New Sharonview Credit Cards Are Here!

In a continued effort to provide great rates, rewards and benefits that compete with those offered by large card issuers, Sharonview has partnered with Elan Financial Services to offer all-new credit cards for our members! New credit cards are now available.

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If you’re an existing credit card-holder of the Affordable Rate, Ultimate Rewards or Signature credit cards, by the end of June 2021, you'll be provided the option to activate a new Sharonview branded Elan credit card. Additionally, any existing Rewards points in your account will transfer to the Elan Financial Services' Rewards program in July.

*Sharonview Federal Credit Union credit cards are issued by Elan Financial Services, through a third-party service arrangement. Credit union membership required for Sharonview credit card ownership.


NOTE: The Affordable Rate Credit Card is no longer being offered. The content (rates, features, benefits) listed below represents existing Sharonview credit cards, issued prior to March 1, 2021. The Affordable Rate Credit Card will be updated to the new Platinum Card in July 2021.

The information on this page is only being made available for reference until the card conversion is complete.

Affordable Rate Visa® Credit Card.
The balance transfer & low rate credit card of choice.

Great First Card
Perfect for Carrying Balances
Stop Paying Higher Rates1
Easy Balance Transfer Process2

You won't get bogged down with this low-rate Visa® credit card, and you'll enjoy all the purchasing power a Visa® card provides. Sometimes you just need a low intro APR (Annual Percentage Rate) as well as an ongoing low rate to give you some time to pay off balances from other cards. If you need to carry a balance from time to time, that’s where Sharonview’s Affordable Rate Visa Credit Card can really help.

Front of Affordable Rate Visa Card

Ideal for saving money on purchases and balance transfers, our Affordable Rate Visa® Credit Card is a great addition to your wallet. Use it worldwide wherever Visa® is accepted and get a 25-day grace period on purchases. Read the disclosure for full details.

Affordable Rate Visa Credit Card Features:

Every Sharonview Visa® Credit Card Also Features:

  • Exclusive Visa® Concierge services
  • Special deals from Visa®
  • Zero liability for unauthorized use of your card or account information
  • Advanced security from chip technology designed to thwart would-be counterfeiters
  • 24/7 identity theft assistance, plus $1,000 reimbursement insurance
  • $1 million travel accident insurance when you book your entire fare with your Sharonview Visa®
  • 90-day product protection for purchases made with your Sharonview Visa®
  • Travel enhancement package with car rental collision damage waiver, lost luggage reimbursement, and hotel burglary reimbursement
  • Read full details about these benefits
  • View the disclosure for full details

Save Money with No Fees AND a Lower Rate

Do you want a great balance transfer offer? How about NO FEE for balance transfers made during the first 60 days? We think you’ll agree that is one of the best offers out there. This move alone could save you hundreds of dollars over the 3%-5% transfer fees other cards charge.

In addition, we also offer a low intro rate for a full 12 months, followed by a lower normal APR than most other cards, making this card great for purchases too.

A low APR and No Fees are just a couple of the benefits of having the Affordable Rate Credit Card with Sharonview Federal Credit Union. Because we are a not-for-profit, financial cooperative, owned by our members, we can offer lower interest rates and lower fees than many banks. Learn more about the benefits of a credit union membership.

Put Yourself In Control

Our Affordable Rate Visa Credit Card is designed to help you control your credit card debt. And when you choose to move over your higher interest rate credit card balances to a Sharonview Affordable Rate Card, you are choosing to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in interest over what you may have paid on the other cards.

Using your Sharonview Credit Card contactless is now even easier with Apple Pay®

  • Your Sharonview card information is never shared with the merchant
  • Pay in-store at the card reader, using your iPhone® and Touch ID®
  • Pay online or in-app at checkout using Touch ID

Learn More about Apple Pay

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s simple. Just log into Online or Mobile Banking and then select your credit card under your accounts. You will experience an easy to use interface to view transactions, make payments and more.
The easiest way to make a payment is to transfer money from your Sharonview checking account to your Sharonview credit card through Online or Mobile Banking. When you see your account listed, just tap the "Pay" button.

To make a payment using a non-Sharonview account, first tap on the Credit Card account to enter Online Credit Card Access. Next, use the "Make A Payment" option. By entering your checking or savings account information, you can have a payment posted to your account within a few business days.

Also, you can make a payment by stopping in at a Sharonview branch or by mailing payment to the address provided on the Make a Payment page. If you have any questions, please contact 866-929-1901.
When you receive your card, please call the number provided on the activation label on the card. If no label is attached, call 888-691-8661.
Please call 866-9291901. Our customer service team will disable the card limiting unauthorized spending. To better assist us in servicing your account, please let us know where your card was lost/stolen and the last authorized transaction on the card.
If you do not recognize a charge or feel you were billed an incorrect amount, please follow these three steps:
  1. Double-check your receipts and check with other authorized users of your card.
  2. Contact the merchant where the purchase originated.
  3. If you are unable to resolve your dispute with the merchant, please use the online process described below.

Enter Online or Mobile Banking and tap on the Credit Card account to access your transactions.

  • Then tap on Account Services, followed by "Dispute Transactions"
  • Next, tap View Transactions to locate the transaction(s) in question
  • Tap the “Dispute” button next to the transaction

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 866-929-1901.

Sharonview Rewards are not offered on the Affordable Rate Credit Card. The Affordable Rate Credit Card is designed to feature a lower rate than rewards cards, to help make it easier when you need to carry a balance.

If you would like to consider a rewards card, take a look at our Card Comparison Chart to help you decide which is the best fit for your needs.
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