Take advantage of a lower mortgage rate

Lower payments than fixed rates
Lower initial rates than fixed mortgages
No mortgage insurance required up to 90% LTV

Get the lower initial interest rate that comes with an adjustable-rate mortgage, and keep your rate fixed for five years. You're not experiencing annual rate changes with these ARMs, which means you can still save money over a fixed-rate mortgage while budgeting with more certainty. These are ideal for purchases or refinances.

Advantage 5/5 ARM

This ARM can be used for owner-occupied, single-family residences (including condos and townhouses) and second homes.

  • Interest rate is locked for five years, then adjusts every five years
  • Finance up to 90% of home's value
  • Low closing costs

*Subject to credit approval. Accepting applications for properties located in NC, SC, FL, GA, NJ, PA, TN and VA.

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