Save money and pay off your mortgage quicker

Low, flat-fee closing cost
Flexible terms
No borrower-paid mortgage insurance
Less paperwork, fast approval
Need some financial breathing room? Ready to be mortgage-free so you can get on with big plans? You'll love the options our SuperSaver Fixed-Rate Refinance Mortgage provides. We'll keep you moving ahead by helping you refinance your home in South Carolina, North Carolina, or any other state (with the exception of Texas).

With our SuperSaver Fixed-Rate Refinance Mortgage, you can borrow up to 89.99% of what your home is worth, and there's a cash-out option if you want to pay off other bills, address college expenses or start a home improvement project. Plus, you'll pay a low flat fee at closing, so more of your money goes toward paying off your mortgage.

Your mortgage stays in-house with Sharonview, too, meaning you contact us directly whenever you have questions or need help. We want to help you reach your financial goals by providing a refinanced mortgage that works on your terms.

*Subject to credit approval. Accepting applications for properties located in all states except Texas.

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