Debit Cards make paying safe and easy.

Still writing a check or counting coins to pay for everyday purchases? Using a Sharonview Visa Debit Card to pay for gas, groceries, etc. is the quicker, safer, and more convenient way to pay. Funds are deducted directly from your Sharonview checking account, just like writing a check. Plus, it offers the security and universal acceptance that comes with using Visa. Put away the old checkbook and pull out your new Sharonview Visa Debit Card for a smarter, more efficient way to pay.

  • Rewards - get free rewards for your everyday purchases.
  • Increased Safety - you don't need to carry large amounts of cash since merchants can draft funds directly from your Sharonview checking account.
  • Convenience - you can use your debit card anywhere that accepts Visa. What's the difference between using your PIN and your signature?
  • Affordability - our debit card has no fees and you have no-surcharge access to over 30,000 ATMs.
  • CardNav - You can have real-time control over your Sharonview debit card through your smartphone. Keep your card secure by deciding how, when and where your card is used. You can turn your card on and off, limit use to specific merchants or types of purchases, and receive alerts when your card is used. Click here to learn more.
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