Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions:

Q. What is a Credit Union?
A: A credit union is a cooperative, not-for-profit financial institution organized to promote thrift and provide credit to members. It is member-owned and controlled through a board of directors elected by the membership. The board serves on a volunteer basis and may hire a management team to run the credit union. The board also establishes and revises policy, sets dividend and loan rates, and directs certain operations. The result: members are provided with a safe, convenient place to save and borrow at reasonable rates at an institution which exists to benefit them, not to make a profit.

Q. Who owns a credit union?
A: Most financial institutions are owned by stockholders, who own a part of the institution and intend on making money from their investment. A credit union doesn't operate in that manner. Rather, each credit union member owns one "share" of the organization. The user of credit union services is also an owner, and is even entitled to vote on important issues, such as the election of member representatives to serve on the board of directors.

Q. Who can join a credit union?
A: A credit union exists to serve a specific group of people, such as a group of employees or the members of a professional or religious group. This is called a "field of membership." The field of membership may include where they live, where they work, or their membership in a social or economic group. Call our Financial Solutions Center at 704.969.6700 or 800.462.4421 to see if you are eligible to join Sharonview.

Q. What is the benefit to my company to offer Sharonview membership?
A: Offering Sharonview Federal Credit Union is a no-cost, easily administered employee benefit, that reaps multiple rewards. Credit union membership is a highly desired benefit among employees. By offering Sharonview Federal Credit Union as a benefit, you not only show your employees that you care about their financial well-being, you also give your employees more choices in their financial endeavors. For more information, email us at

Q. What is the benefit to my employee if my company offers Sharonview membership?
A: Sharonview is proud to be a not-for-profit organization that puts all funds not used for operating expenses back into the credit union in the form of no, or low fees, higher savings rates, and lower loan rates. All member/owners of Sharonview have a voice and a say. We are a truly unique financial institution. As a full-service financial institution, we can compete with most financial venues and offer excellent service as well. In addition, once your employee joins Sharonview, their family members are also eligible for membership. For more information email us at

Q. How can a business offer membership to employees?

  1. Your business may apply for membership by emailing us at, or calling 704.969.6700 or 800.462.4421, and requesting an information packet.
  2. In the information packet, you'll find a sample request letter, as well as a company profile and service agreement. Once these forms have been completed and returned to Sharonview, they are sent first to our Board of Directors and then on to NCUA (our federal governing agency) for final approval.
  3. Once an approval has been given, representatives from Sharonview will come to your business to share the benefit of the credit union with employees. This final step makes it easy and convenient for your employees to take advantage of gathering information and asking questions.

Banking Questions:

Q. What is the ABA routing and transit number for Sharonview?
A: Sharonview's routing and transit number is 253075303. You will find this number on the bottom of your checks. The first set of numbers listed is our routing number.

Q. Are savings deposits insured?
A: Yes. All savings accounts are insured to at least $250,000 by the NCUA, the National Credit Union Administration, an agency of the federal government.

Q. How do I stop a payment on a check?
A: Choose from the following methods to place your stop payment on a check or range of checks:

  • Through your Online Banking account, under the Additional Services menu. 
  • Visit your local Sharonview branch and place a stop payment.
  • Call Sharonview for assistance at 704.969.6700 in Charlotte, NC or 800.462.4421.
  • Use our automated telephone service at 704.969.6700 in Charlotte, NC or 800.462.4421.
  • Fill out the Stop Payment Form and send it to us

A fee will be charged to you for placing each stop payment. Click here to view the current fee schedule.

Q. How do I report a lost or stolen credit card?
A: Contact our Financial Solutions Center at 704.969.6700 in Charlotte, NC or 800.462.4421 weekdays from 8:00am - 6:00pm EST. To report lost or stolen debit and credit cards after hours, use Magic One our automated telephone service at 704.969.6700 and follow the menu prompt.

Q. Does Sharonview offer Financial Counseling?
A: Yes, Sharonview does offer a free financial counseling service for members.

Q. How can I re-order checks?
A: You can re-order checks online, through Magic One, the Financial Solutions Center, or at your local branch.

Q. What can I do to protect myself from fraud?
A: There are many things you can do to help protect yourself from fraud. Things like changing your account passwords frequently, to signing up for eStatements, to reporting suspicious behavior on your accounts immediately can make a difference. For a list of suggestions, please visit our Member Security Page.

Q. What is Magic One?
AMagic One is Sharonview's 24-hour, 7 day-a-week automated telephone service. Access Magic One by calling 704.969.6700 (Charlotte, NC area) or 800.462.4421 (Toll Free). Members can:

  • Access account information, check balances, inquire about cleared checks, and get information about taxes and IRAs.
  • Conduct financial transactions such as transferring of funds, quick withdrawal by check, loan payments, cross account transactions, and loan advances to share accounts can be conducted.
  • Re-order checks, request a copy of cleared checks and statement copies, and request a stop payment.
  • Check deposit rates, loan rates, branch hours, and product information.

Q. How can I get a copy of a cancelled check?
A: You can view up to 3 years of cleared checks through eStatements with Online Banking. You may also request a copy of a cancelled check through Magic One, the Financial Solutions Center, or at your local branch.

Q. What does it cost to use an ATM not owned by Sharonview FCU?
A: Sharonview will not charge members a fee for using any ATM. The other Financial Institution may charge a fee for the use of their machines. Locate over 30,000 fee-free ATMs now.

Q. How can I change my mailing address?
A: You can change your mailing address using a secure form in Online Banking, visiting your local branch or faxing your new address information to 704.969.6721, with your signature for verification.

Q. How do I initiate Direct Deposit?
A: Your employer's Human Resource or Payroll Department initiates Direct Deposit. Once you fill out the form provided by your employer and submit it, it may take a couple of pay cycles to see the Direct Deposit take effect. You will need Sharonview's Routing and Transit number: 253075303

Online Banking Questions

Q. How do I register for Online Banking?
A: Simply click here to enroll. You will need your member number and Magic One PIN.

Q. How do I sign up for eStatements?
A: Login to your Online Banking account and click Products and Services from the Additional Services menu. Simply click on eStatements and you'll have up to 3 years statement history, including check images and general tax information.

Q. How do I get Mobile Banking?
A: If you are already an Online Banking user, simply go to the App StoreSM or Google PlayTM and search for Sharonview. Then download the free Sharonview app on your mobile device. If you are not an Online Banking user, you must first click here to enroll. Then, after successfully logging into Online Banking one time, you may follow the directions above to download the mobile app.

Q. How do I transfer funds from another Financial Institution?
A: Login to your Online Banking account from our homepage and under Secure Forms,, you will see "ACH Transfer Money In Request" and "ACH Transfer Money Out Request". Simply fill out the appropriate electronic form, and allow up to 2 business days for processing.

Q. Why is my Online Banking not displaying correctly?
A: In order to ensure the best possible experience, please be sure you are using one of these browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0+
  • Mozilla Firefox 4.0+
  • Apple Safari 6.0+
  • Google Chrome

If you are not using one of the browsers listed above, you may encounter issues within your online banking experience. You may also see a notice that encourages you to upgrade to the latest browser. We recommend switching to one of the supported browsers listed above for an optimal online banking experience. For additional help, please review our browser guide. Simply find the browser version you are using in the table of contents, then click to go right to that page.

Q. I am using the same registered computer, why do I continue to be asked for a verification code?
A: Your computer deletes your cookies, that's why you are not recognized the next time you try to log in to online banking. To fix this just follow the steps below.

  • Within Internet Explorer 9.0+, click the Tools icon on the upper right side (looks like a gear wheel).
  • Select Internet Options from the dropdown list.
  • In the Browsing history section, uncheck the 'Delete browsing history on exit' checkbox.
  • Click the Privacy tab.
  • Click the "Advanced" button.
  • Select the "Override Automatic Cookie Handling" checkbox.
  • Select 'First-party Cookies' and 'Third-party Cookies' radio buttons, if needed.
  • Select the "Always Allow Session Cookies" checkbox.
  • Click the OK button.