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Shorter mortgage term, bigger savings

Pay off your mortgage sooner and enjoy financial independence quicker with our SuperSaver mortgage refinance special. Lock in a money-saving rate with a shorter term, between 5 and 20 years. You won't pay any closing costs* and more of your money will go toward your mortgage.
No borrower-paid mortgage insurance
Fast approval, close in 45 days
Cash-out options available
When you refinance, you can choose a cash-out option that lets you address education expenses, home improvements or bill consolidation. Whatever you need money for, a SuperSaver mortgage refinance can deliver. Plus, Sharonview will never sell your mortgage, so you always know you can talk to us if you have questions.

*Limited time offer with promotional rate as of today and subject to change at any time. APR is 3.450% based a loan amount of $140,000 for 10 years, with estimated monthly payments of $1,376.22. For 15 year term, APR is 3.677% based a loan amount of $140,000 with estimated monthly payments of $1,009.45. For 20 year term, APR is 4.667% based a loan amount of $140,000 with estimated monthly payments of $895.18. Offer available for refinances of primary residences only in NC, SC or NJ on loan amounts $35,000 - $250,000 with an LTV up to 89.99% and a 640+ credit score. Subject to final credit and property approval. Property insurance required. Flood insurance may be required. IMember is responsible for paying any interim interest, escrow deposit, insurance and mortgage/property taxes. Not valid on refinancing of existing Sharonview mortgages. In some cases, additional cost may apply.