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Enhance your company’s benefits package effortlessly by offering the no-cost employee benefit of credit union membership! By partnering with Sharonview, you not only attract and retain top talent but also promote good financial habits. This partnership comes with a range of benefits inherent to credit union membership: competitive rates, personalized member service, and a comprehensive suite of loan and deposit products.

We provide a wealth of tools and resources to empower your employees in achieving their financial goals:

  • New membership orientation
  • On-site membership enrollment
  • Free financial workshops
  • Access to professional financial counseling services
  • And much more!

With Sharonview, you’re not just providing a perk—you’re fostering financial well-being and bolstering your team’s overall satisfaction and success. Let's start the conversation today!

From mortgages and auto loans to checking, savings and retirement options, we'll support your employees as they strive to improve their financial well-being. We also support you, as a Company Member, to make it easy for your employees to open their accounts. Become a Company Member and immediately add incentives to your benefits package.

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Everything we do is geared toward helping you improve your financial standing, all while treating you the way you deserve. Experience the Sharonview difference.