Sharonview is here to help

Sharonview offers free financial counseling to members experiencing financial difficulties by helping them manage their cash flow and take control of overwhelming bills. Understanding your choices and discussing different courses of action will help you formulate your plan to deal with your situation. We can help you with budgeting, debt management, money management, responsible purchasing, and more.InCharge Financial Counceling

InCharge® Financial Counseling

In addition, Sharonview is working with InCharge to bring you, our members, a wealth of financial educational materials as well as personal credit counseling. There is no cost to members of Sharonview for a credit counseling session and if a debt management program is right for you.

Sharonview and InCharge counselors can help you find ways to increase your income and decrease your living expenses. In some cases, we may be able to help you adjust your debt payments by working out a more reasonable repayment schedule consistent with each creditor's policy.

We understand that sometimes it's easy to lose control of your finances. But with careful planning and help from Sharonview and the InCharge Institute, you can regain financial control. To learn more about Sharonview's financial counseling program, contact us at 704.969.6700 or 800.462.4421. Learn more about InCharge now