We stand behind our Online and Mobile Banking security

You're covered 100% for unauthorized activity
Report suspicious activity immediately
When it comes to managing your money, you need supreme confidence in the digital platforms you use. At Sharonview, we take your online and mobile security seriously.

We Ensure Your Online and Mobile Security

Use our Online and Mobile Banking with confidence, knowing that you'll be covered 100% for any unauthorized account activity while we are handling your transactions. This includes funds removed from your accounts as a result of:

  • Online theft of account numbers or password
  • Unauthorized online withdrawals, including bill pay and external transfers

What We Do

We are committed to keeping your information safe and secure. We implement several security features to help ensure your data stays in front of only your eyes.

  • Technology. We keep your data safe using world-class security firewall, encryption and monitoring technologies.
  • One-time pass code. Any time you access Online or Mobile Banking from a new device, we send a one-time use pass code to your phone, so you can verify you requested the access. You can confirm if this will be a regularly used device going forward, so you won't have to enter the code again. (Please note, clearing cookies from your browser will reset the device as if it has not been authorized, and you will need to enter a new code.)
  • Biometric security. When using our mobile devices, you can log in with something truly unique to you – your fingerprint or even your eyeprint.
  • Automatic logoff. Your sessions will stay open as long as you are actively moving among screens. That way, if you forget to log off, the system will do it for you after 20 minutes, so your information doesn't remain accessible to others. And if you're still reviewing your information, you can always let the system know if you need more time.

What You Can Do

  • Review your accounts regularly. With online and mobile access, it's easier than ever to keep track of your usage. In Online Banking, we let you know the date of your last visit. If it doesn't seem right, just give us a call. If you suspect unauthorized access, you need to let us know within 60 days. Call us at 800.462.4421 to report fraud.
  • Protect your information and devices. To help thwart fraudulent activity, make sure you keep your online user name, account numbers, PIN, member number and other account data confidential. It's also important to protect your device using anti-virus and anti-malware programs while keeping them updated regularly.
  • Act immediately. If you suspect fraudulent activity and to report lost or stolen information, call us at 704.969.6700 in Charlotte or 800.462.4421.


We won't be able to cover losses due to the following:

  • Input errors or misuse of the service
  • Negligent handling or sharing of passwords leading to unauthorized access to you accounts
  • Leaving a computer unattended during an online session (Make sure you click "Exit" to end your session)
  • Failure to report known incidents of unauthorized account access within 60 days
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