Earn rewards by referring your friends and family to Sharonview!

We’re inviting you to share the Sharonview love with our new member referral program!

You can reap rewards when you refer a friend to Sharonview Federal Credit Union. Earn up to $50 per eligible new member when they enroll for a Sharonview membership with a qualifying checking account and complete required actions.

It’s easy! Simply provide your unique referral code to your referred friend to enter as a Promo Code when they complete a membership application online or in branch. When they become a member and open a qualifying checking account, you get $25 deposited to your Sharonview account within seven (7) days of the funding date. If they complete the qualifying checking account required actions within 60 days of account opening, you’ll receive another $25 as a thank you within 60 days after they have met the qualification requirements!
The person who uses your code when opening their account must complete the following qualifying activities: Open and fund a membership share and checking account within seven (7 ) calendar days of account opening. The checking account must meet one of the following qualifying activity requirements within 60 day of account opening: Receive at least $500 in aggregate direct deposits, OR Have at least ten (10) posted debit card point-of-sale or online purchases. Initial funding and internal transfers do not count toward the required direct deposit amount. ATM transactions are not counted as debit transactions. $50 will be deposited to the new members account within 60 days after they have met the qualification requirements!
Beginning July 1st, we will include your unique referral code in a section called “Refer a Friend” that will be included in any email we send to you. You may also call us at 800.462.4421 to get your code.
How many people do you know? There are currently no limits to how many friends and family can join using your unique referral code, but your referral must be eligible to join Sharonview, as outlined here: Member Eligibility

Membership eligibility and account qualifications apply. All new accounts are subject to Sharonview Federal Credit Union (SFCU) consumer and/or business membership agreements, terms, and disclosures. Must be 18 or older to qualify. Existing members may not open additional memberships to qualify. Former members qualify as a new member provided the account was closed at least six (6) months prior to the date of reopen and there were no previous losses to SFCU. In order to receive the reward, both the referred and referring member’s accounts must remain in good standing for a period of 120 days from the opening date of the referred member’s account. The referred member must open and fund a new SFCU membership share ($5 minimum opening deposit) and checking account ($25 minimum opening deposit) within seven (7) calendar days of account opening. Additionally, within 60 days of account opening, the checking account must either 1) receive an aggregate total of $500 in direct deposits; or 2) complete ten (10) posted debit card point of sale or online purchases. The funding amount and any internal account transfers are excluded from the qualifying direct deposit total. The referred member’s reward will be deposited within 60 days after qualification requirements are met. The referring member will receive a $25 reward to their primary share within seven (7) days of the referred member meeting the opening and funding requirements and will receive an additional $25 reward within 60 days of the referred member meeting the additional qualifying checking account activities. Applicants may not engage in fraudulent activity to earn a referral bonus including, but not limited to, fraudulent account activity and fraudulent referral activity. Member referral bonuses are reportable dividends and will be reported on IRS Form 1099-INT. Once an eligible new member is referred by an existing member, no other existing member may refer that same member. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer. By participating in this member referral program, you acknowledge that the referring member may be made aware that you have opened an account and completed qualifying activity. Terms and conditions of the member referral program are subject to change at any time and SFCU reserves the right to modify or discontinue this program at any time without prior notice.

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