Volunteerism - directing our ideals since 1955

Volunteerism - Directing Our Ideals Since 1955

Volunteerism is fundamental to the philosophy that has directed the credit union movement since the 1800s and Sharonview Federal Credit Union (SFCU) since 1955. Volunteers perform many functions that are vital to Sharonview’s success and help mold the future of the credit union.  

Sharonview Federal Credit Union’s volunteer positions are the following:  

Board of Directors

Sharonview Federal Credit Union is governed by a Board of Directors, comprised of 11 Sharonview voting members who provide oversight of the credit union. The Board of Directors must effectively carry out their leadership, legal, and stewardship responsibilities and act in the best interests of the credit union membership. As such, Board members are responsible for providing effective governance and leadership to the organization and play a key role in crafting the strategic direction of the credit union. This is achieved through a shared vision of how to best serve the evolving needs of the membership, as well as a clear understanding of Sharonview’s goals and purpose.  

The Board members have a shared responsibility with the Executive Leadership Team for establishing and shaping the vision, mission, and goals of the credit union. This includes providing ongoing oversight to ensure financial soundness and sustainability. Accordingly, the Board ensures the finances of the credit union are handled properly; approves and monitors the annual budget; ensures legal compliance; and establishes and monitors financial policies and practices. Board members serve for a term of three (3) years and may be renominated for subsequent terms. 

Associate Directors

Although Associate Directors are not voting board members, they do gain exposure to board responsibilities and activities through their participation. Associate Directors prepare for and participate in monthly board meetings, serve on board committees, participate in special planning or information sessions, and attend other credit union functions, just as our Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee members do. These positions are appointed by the Sharonview Board of Directors on an annual basis. 

Supervisory Committee

The Supervisory Committee has various oversight responsibilities focusing on the quality and integrity of Sharonview’s financial statements and the adequacy of its system of internal controls and risk management. 

Each year, this committee engages a Certified Public Accounting (CPA) firm to perform an annual opinion audit of the institution’s financial statements and a verification of member accounts. This committee oversees a staff of professional internal auditors, who perform various audits and reviews throughout the year. The Internal Audit department continually reports to the committee on the adequacy and efficiency of the credit union's system of internal controls and risk management. They also report on processes for monitoring compliance with laws and regulations, policies and procedures, and the company’s ethical guidelines. Supervisory Committee members are non-voting members appointed by the Sharonview Board of Directors on an annual basis. 

Interested in serving as a volunteer? 

A Rewarding Opportunity

The benefits derived from volunteering your time and energies to the credit union are many. As a representative of Sharonview Federal Credit Union you will meet new people and develop both social and professional contacts. You will be provided with quality educational opportunities dealing with a multitude of topics that could be applied to many environments. The primary benefit realized by Sharonview volunteers is the personal satisfaction that is derived from knowing that they are contributing to the success of the organization and to the well-being of fellow members.

Commitment to Serve

Volunteers must be sensitive to the needs and concerns of Sharonview’s membership when fulfilling their responsibilities. Those responsibilities include both knowledge and time commitments to the credit union. Volunteers can expect to spend 6-10 hours a month planning for and attending committee meetings (some meet monthly), a monthly Board of Directors meeting, special planning or informational sessions, and other credit union functions.  

Volunteers are expected to become familiar with credit union bylaws, including laws and regulations that govern credit unions. They are required to complete assigned training materials within a specified time from the date of election or appointment. Through the completion of these self-study programs, volunteers will have a better understanding of the background of the credit union movement, the philosophy that supports it, and various issues affecting credit unions. Completion of additional training modules and/or attendance at educational seminars or conferences, at Sharonview’s expense, will be required annually thereafter. Federal law also requires volunteers be “financially literate” within six (6) months of their election or appointment to a volunteer position and, if necessary, Sharonview can provide access to training.

Apply Today

If you are interested in applying to serve as a volunteer, please complete the form below and submit a copy of your resume along with your application.

Note: Applications for the Board of Directors will be accepted during the annual Board of Directors Election Call for Nominations period. The Call for Nominations period will be announced annually in accordance with the bylaws of Sharonview Federal Credit Union.

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