Recognize and Defeat Sweetheart, Romance and Lonely Hearts Scams

sweetheart scam behind the scenes

Many of the most successful scams prey on an emotional appeal. Sometimes they focus on one aspect of our feelings, and some combine multiple triggers to attempt to get us to fall for the scams. Do you want to be a good person? Do you want to be loved? Are you scared? Don't miss out!

Romance scams, Sweetheart scams and Lonely Hearts scams are all basically the same thing. They prey on our desire for love and acceptance. They offer to fill a gap for us, telling us that we are lovable and needed. That is why they are so insidious. We want so desperately to feel special, and we may fear missing out on opportunities.

These scams may use common dating apps to target people. Watch for profiles that claim to be out of the country for work. They count on these situations to keep themselves hidden for as long as possible. These scams can happen in-person as well, of course.

So, how do you stay aware and vigilant of the different types of romance and sweetheart scams and protect yourself and others? Well, education can certainly help.

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