5 Tips to Steer Clear of Driving Hazards

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by Bill Partin
Sharonview Federal Credit Union

March 2018

Winter weather is not the only time of year to stay aware of car safety or hazardous conditions. From freezing temperatures and dangerous roads to vehicle upkeep and emergency kits, our safety tips are important to consider to ensure enjoyable and worry-free travel all year.

1. Check outside conditions before you leave your house

Perhaps the simplest rule to follow is to check your local weather before stepping out your front door. In certain conditions, including abnormally heavy traffic and inclement weather, you may find it best to stay home or plan alternative ways to commute. While roads may be clear in the morning, incoming inclement weather could make roads impossible to maneuver by the end of the day.

safe driving tips

2. Have a mechanic check your vehicle systems ahead of extreme weather

From inflating your tires to testing your brakes, mechanics can help you prepare your vehicle for potentially dangerous road conditions. In addition to yearly inspections, schedule a check-up with your mechanic as seasons change, so that your car is properly prepared for any potential dangers. Key technology includes, but is not limited to, traction control, brakes and battery.

3. Know How to React when Driving Conditions Get Tricky

When rainy or winter weather does strike, slippery and icy roads may soon follow, making roads more dangerous than normal. Keep in mind to steer in the direction you want to go and make sure not to over-correct. Accelerate and brake slowly, pump your brakes when coming to a stop, and increase your following distance to ensure a safer drive.

4. Stock Your Car with Emergency Items

A car emergency kit is always a great item to have in your car year-round, and it is imperative that you make sure to stock up on the appropriate tools. Alongside a first aid kit, jumper cables and other everyday kit essentials, include tools such as reflective triangles, an ice scraper and a hand crank. It’s always best to be overly prepared than not at all.

5. Prepare Your Wallet with Necessary Coverage

Safety knowledge and mechanic visits don’t always protect from the unexpected. That’s where financial protection comes into play. Vehicle insurance provides affordable coverage and relieves financial pressure. Stay protected with a policy – like Sharonview’s Guaranteed Auto Protection – for your car, truck, motorcycle or RV. If your car is totaled, this type of policy fills the gap between your remaining loan amount and what you receive from the insurance company.

Stay safe on the road with these tips if you find yourself in an inconvenient situation. All seasons can bring their own difficulties, especially when you are not properly prepared, so give yourself an advantage ahead of time to make sure you are ready to face any hazard that comes your way.
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