Three Tricks for Staying on Top of Your Finances this Holiday Season

Image of Bill Partin Sharonview CEO
by Bill Partin
Sharonview Federal Credit Union

October 2017

The holiday season is right around the corner, which means it’s time for costumes, turkeys, presents and more! In the midst of the excitement, it’s easy to lose track of your finances, but here are three tricks for staying on top of your money while staying on top of the fun!

  1. Utilize Mobile Banking on the Weekends

    Before the weekend starts, ensure your phone is equipped with your bank’s mobile app. Sharonview Federal Credit Union offers apps for iPhone® or AndroidTM on either a smartphone or tablet so you can take your bank with you wherever you go. View account balances or transaction history while on the go, or if your account needs a boost, transfer money between accounts. With Sharonview’s Online & Mobile Security policy, you can rest easy knowing you will not be liable for unauthorized removals of funds.
  2. Holiday-Banking

    Utilize Mobile Account Alerts

    With all the running around between family gatherings and parties, it’s easy to lose track of spending. With Sharonview mobile banking, receive alerts straight to your phone, including low balance alerts, cleared check confirmations, upcoming payments and more. Since the alert comes to your cell phone, you’ll receive alerts wherever you are. Even if you’re running around town trying to find the perfect Halloween costume or your favorite side dish, you’ll know if your account has dropped below an amount you previously determined, saving you from overdrawing your account.
  3. Utilize the Full Capabilities of Mobile Banking

    Switching to mobile banking can be scary. You’re accessing personal financial info on public Wi-Fi networks or through your cell phone data, and with the emphasis on wireless hacking, security is, and should be, a concern. After you’ve set up your account with mobile banking, implement the security features of your app. For example, Sharonview’s Mobile Banking offers three ways to log in to mobile apps, and two ways are biometric. Biometric entry options include a fingerprint authentication system or an eye print verification, ensuring no one, but you can view your account information. Still nervous about using an app on a public network? Enable the Quick Balance feature simply swipe down on your smartphone to view your account balances. You can’t edit information, but if you need a quick glance at your account and don’t want to insert your login information, it’s an easy way to do it.

The holidays are a time for employees to relax and enjoy well-deserved time with family and friends. At Sharonview, we set you up for success with a range of mobile banking capabilities, so you can enjoy your holidays without the financial stress.

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