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Spring Cybersecurity Tips

Michael Webb, Vice President of Information Security | April 2023

Spring is here in the South! There’s a light dusting of pollen on everything and kids are on spring break, but summer is well on its way.  Many of you are probably traveling during this time or already have fun trips planned to unplug and relax.  

However, there is one thing you shouldn’t be relaxed about and that is protecting your finances when you travel. Fraudsters don’t take a vacation! In fact, they tend to become more active and pose a greater threat during this time of year, when people tend to let their guard down while traveling. With that in mind, here are some tips to help you protect yourself and your accounts when you’re on the go.

1.     Protect your debit card

a.     Sharonview issues our debit cards through VISA, which has a Zero Liability Policy for fraud. 

i.     Use the chip reader when processing your debit card transaction for the transaction for the most secure transaction experience.  

ii.     When you do use your PIN, protect it at all costs. Do not share it with anyone, including Sharonview employees! Sharonview will never ask you for your PIN number.

2.     Don’t use public Wi-Fi when you travel

a.     It is tempting to use free Wi-Fi when you are traveling, but be wary. A lot of malicious actors will monitor unencrypted free Wi-Fi or setup a free Wi-Fi access point to harvest your data once you connect.

b.     Instead, tether your laptop or tablet to your cell phone and use your cell phone data plan or “hotspot.”

3.     Don’t get caught by fraudsters calling you posing as Sharonview

a.     Social engineering is one of the largest threats that all of us face today. There are many ways that fraudsters will try to gain access to your money. One of those is by spoofing a financial institution and calling to get access to your account.  Please keep in mind:

i.     Sharonview will never call you and ask for your Online Banking password or Multi-Factor Authentication code. Never share your password or MFA code for any application with anyone.

ii.     Fraudsters will typically try to create a false sense of urgency by creating fear around an issue with your account. Stop, think, and act rationally.  If anyone calls you and says they are from Sharonview and asks for your password, PIN, or sensitive information; hang up immediately and call back directly at 704.969.6700 to verify who you are talking to and alert us to a potential identity theft issue.

4.     Be wary of emails asking for confidential information

a.     Sharonview will never send or request confidential information through unsecured email. Sharonview only utilizes our secure Loan and Membership portals or Encrypted Email portal to exchange confidential information.

5.     Monitor your accounts

a.     Set alerts on your accounts so you are made aware of any purchases made. In the event of potential fraud, you will know much sooner and can act to stop it.

b.     You can do this for Sharonview accounts by logging into Online Banking and going to Settings  Alerts & Notifications. You can add alerts for withdrawals exceeding a certain dollar amount, for example. 

Should you think that you are the victim of financial fraud, please reach out to one of our representatives as soon as possible. You can reach us at 704.969.6700 or through the contact page on our website.

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